Heaven and Alan – Sweet Backyard Wedding

Heaven and Alan if you only knew just how much fun we had capturing your day!  Being a wedding photographer is super fun I’m not going to lie, and when  you get an adorable couple that just shines in front of your camera you can’t help but shoot away!  And that we did, this being the wedding that holds the records for most clicks I’ve ever taken personally.

Heaven and Alan had such sweet and unique details it really put their wedding in a genre of it’s own.  Hence my title, sweet, intimate, fun, creative and full of love!  Heaven you are such a knock out and simply lovely!  And Alan as I recall your words “that you had no idea how to pose”, well Mr. Como you killed it!  I went a little nuts when choosing my favorites as I just couldn’t help but share all the moments and fabulous events that took place.  I really wanted to give our blog readers the feeling of what it was like to stand under those lit up umbrellas (that just might be the coolest lighting detail I’ve ever seen) and dance with all your family and friends!

Thank you to you and your families for such a great experience, we loved every minute of it!


Amazing Vendors That Need Mentioning – Venue: Cray Bank Caterer: Annette Hartman Catering Design: Amy Vogt Floral & Reception: Perkins & Willert Events DJ: Daniel Hartman Rings: Refractory

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Posted November 5, 2013
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    Becky (Botsford) Hournbuckle

    Just Gorgeous!!!!! (from the Botsford/Jackson/Goodwin side of the family)

  • reply

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME! Photos are beautiful and the couple are gorgeous!

    • reply

      Thuy, Thank you for commenting :) aren't these two ridiculous? I just love their unique details and the sweetness that was throughout their entire night.

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