Brooke + Michael’s totally awesome & unique Engagement

Ok well if my title didn’t explain it enough, you’ll just have to scroll down and then it will all make sense 🙂

Brooke and Michael called us up after their story book engagement in Sedona, and luckily they found us through their venue!  Immediately we knew we just had to meet these two and hopefully get a chance to get to know them as people and shoot killer photos for them!  Well our first opportunity at their engagement session Jeff and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Right off the bat we felt like a group of old friends which is the greatest feeling ever as photographers.  It really allows us to feel free in our creativity.

Michael, I recall announces first off that he is horrible at taking pictures, lol he obviously has no idea what he’s talking about.  And Brooke rolls in with all this adorable wardrobe for the two of them and oh let’s not forget the ridiculous simple little car she built (yea no big deal) as a prop.

I think it’s safe to say again we seriously have the coolest couples in our calendar of weddings that any photography team could ever ask for!  Can’t wait to capture their wedding day and meet all their closest family and friends.

Amber + Jeff

san-diego-edgy-engagement-session10 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session01 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session02 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session11 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session03 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session04 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session05 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session06 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session07

we tried Brooke, he didn’t want any part of our shoot 🙁
san-diego-edgy-engagement-session08 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session09 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session12 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session13 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session15 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session14 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session16 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session18 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session19 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session20 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session23 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session21 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session22 san-diego-edgy-engagement-session17


Posted March 18, 2014
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    Barbara Oberndorfer

    Gore-jusssss! So beautiful of Brooke and her fiance.

    • reply

      Thanks Barbara, we think so too :)

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