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I’m Vorie Edelmann, Owner and Lead Designer of Bella Florina Event& Design. I have been in the wedding industry for over 15 years and I absolutely love what I do. A lot of my work includes education, not just to clients and staff, but also for myself. Staying on...
January 7, 2017
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For most of our clients this is the first and hopefully only time to walk down the isle and exchange vows to seal their love eternally for ever and ever.  So naturally that comes with a ton of questions in preparation for your wedding day.  Just now a decade plus...
January 3, 2017
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Let’s face it, most of us guys are a bit shy and nervous when it comes to photos on their engagement session and/or wedding day. We all know that our time before and day of our our wedding hanging with our best buds aka Groomsmen, can sort of confuse us on...
October 19, 2016
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It doesn't happen often however when it does and we receive the dreaded list from our clients directing us to take photos of everything we'd obviously take photos of, it stings bit.  Not because we are worried you don't have faith in us as your hired on professional...
October 14, 2016
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Yes it's true.  Everything you've ever heard about Sedona.  Gorgeous red rocks, magical trails to wonder and incredible energy pouring through the valley that you just can't ignore.  I recently chatted with these two love birds as we tried to settle on where we...
February 28, 2016
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Most bride and grooms to be are reading this and going huh? Natural light, what?  Well it occurred to us during a recent bride and groom portrait session that we should enlighten our readers a bit.  There's so much information that goes into preparing for your...
February 23, 2016
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