Drone Photography and Its Role in Weddings

As with any style of photography or trend for that matter our team is always down to try and experiment with whatever our client is requesting.  Many time we’ve captured a few clips with a drone, actually we started placing drone shots in our wedding films as far back as 2010.  Granted the quality of the files have grown immensely but the idea was always there.  Many times when we are talking with a new client about the type of coverage they want at their wedding they ask if we feel a drone would make a good mix into their footage.  If we haven’t shot at the location they are getting married at we then check it out as best possible even if that means stopping by to see the place in real life.  On the other hand if we have shot there we give our best possible advice.

Some things to consider before adding drone coverage to your wedding day.

  1. Does your venue have wide open space for smooth lift off and landing?

Many times our couples get married at an estate, hotel or garden type setting, these typically do not work well and you won’t really get our money’s worth.

2. Have you cleared with your day of coordinator or venue manager that drone photography is approved?

With so many venues located near homes this can be an issue.  Be sure to ask before springing for the extra costs.

Posted March 3, 2017

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