Katie + Chris – A Ferrari, and a Ritz Carlton Cigar Bar

I mean the title says it all!  We got started on our little adventure with these two and the Ritz Carlton Cigar Bar in Scottsdale and if that wasn’t unique and cool enough Chris mentions some pics with a Ferrari, yes a gorgeous red Ferrari.  Ok twist our arms!  I think Chris was expecting a pic or two with the Ferrari but we did what we typically do, bust out the intense lighting and get to work creating a special scene that only a Ferrari and a gorgeous couple deserves!

We ended this already totally smoking session in the backyard with some might I say killer lighting and a gorgeous view of Camelback Mountain.  Check out some of our favorites of these two!


ritz-carlton-engagement-session01 ritz-carlton-engagement-session02 ritz-carlton-engagement-session03 ritz-carlton-engagement-session04 ritz-carlton-engagement-session07 ritz-carlton-engagement-session08 ritz-carlton-engagement-session05 ritz-carlton-engagement-session06 ritz-carlton-engagement-session10 ritz-carlton-engagement-session09 ritz-carlton-engagement-session12 ritz-carlton-engagement-session11 ritz-carlton-engagement-session13

Posted November 14, 2013
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