Guests Taking Photos During Wedding

Jeff + AmberSo now and then I feel obligated to put in my two cents.  Not because I think you want to hear it, mostly because I want to help.  See our main goal in accomplishing a completely successful day of shooting at your wedding is to help you get the most out of it!!

Let me paint a picture, your ceremony is half way through the lighting is perfect, your feeling beautiful in your dress as you look down at your almost husband to be’s hands in yours and as you move in for the KISS your wedding photographer steps into place to get the ideal shot and bam your cousin stands up with her point and click, your ex boss is an amateur photographer as a side gig, and a friend from high school pulls out his iPhone to get a good isle shot to tag you on in Instagram later!

Sure totally seems harmless at the time, however once your photographer is at the editing station (not to mention the frustration at the time)  there is a great deal of disappointment when you have certain obstacles taking away that little extra magic your kiss shot could have had.

We wedding photographers see it over and over and over again, and lots of times guests notice they are in the way, give a polite nod and sit back down.  However for those that need extra warning you may just want to make a subtle suggestion.

How do you let down the family friends who want to snap away.  Well simply state that you want all your guests to enjoy themselves on your wedding day and rest assured that your qualified wedding photographer will get all the shots and you’ll be happy to share a link to your gallery so they can grab up some of their favorites!  I truly believe no one is out to ruin any professional photos and take away from a special moment, more so that they are just so happy for you and want a photo of the gorgeous newly weds!


Posted February 24, 2013
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