Let the boys be boys…even on the wedding day

Let’s face it, most of us guys are a bit shy and nervous when it comes to photos on their

Los Angeles Wedding Photography examples of groomsmen photos
Groom getting ready to see his bride.

engagement session and/or wedding day. We all know that our time before and day of our our wedding hanging with our best buds aka Groomsmen, can sort of confuse us on how to act on our big day.  It’s the testosterone vs the estrogen or Bromance vs Romance. We, while hanging with the boys, feel in guy mode, all a while we know the true reason we are here… We fell in love with our best friend!

So, as a photographer who spends countless hours with Groomsmen of all types, I say to you; “Let’s be men and enjoy our time with our guys, at the same time show our love and respect for our beautiful wife to be.”

Groom and groomsmen getting ready images
Groom and guys getting a fresh beard trim
Remember when time for your personal gifts, interviews or other special moments, such as a first look, do yourself and your Groomsmen a favor and excuse them or yourself, so you can quickly switch back into love mode, so you feel more comfortable.
Groomsmen Photos
Various Examples of Our Style of Groomsmen Photos
Ok, it’s guy time! So the best thing you can do while hanging with the guys is to be yourself. Let’s have fun, create some memories and capture some fun moments between you all. I have a rule I do with the guys. That rule is; unless I ask you to smile, I want you to give me your coolest look/pose you got! Basically we all have a look or something we do or a way we like how we look and if you don’t, well, let’s pretend that each photo we take is going to be the one and only Facebook and or Tinder photo you will have for the rest of your life.
Groomsmen and groom portraits
Various examples of groomsmen portraits for wedding day
Of course we can and will get some smiling shots and traditional photos for the Grandparents, parents and the Wife, however we are men and we want to feel a little more edgy and cool while wearing our suits and or tuxes.


groomsmen portait ideas
Groom and the guys

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Jeff Janke

Wedding Photographer

Posted October 19, 2016
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