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San Diego's Best Wedding Photography TeamI’m Vorie Edelmann, Owner and Lead Designer of Bella Florina Event& Design. I have been in the wedding industry for over 15 years and I absolutely love what I do. A lot of my work includes education, not just to clients and staff, but also for myself. Staying on the cusp of industry secrets and trends is key when working in a part of the country that has a wedding season that is year round. That being said I’d like to impart a few tricks of the trade I have shared with my clients over the years to achieve the perfect look of their event while keeping florals fresh, staying mindful of budgets, and environmentally conscious.

Shop Local. Florals that are native to the region you’re getting married in will have a longer shelf life and hold up best in photos. After all, in the end all that you will have is the photos. Flowers and their petals are like tissue paper. They don’t react well to our touch. As beautiful as your blooms are try not to touch the petals as you can damage and ruin a perfect bouquet
Choose seasonal flowers to keep from breaking the bank. Don’t believe everything you see online, especially popular wedding board websites. Lots of this information is false. Photos are photo shopped and have lots of filters. Some of these arrangements we see over and over simply aren’t real.

Bouts and corsages can be kept in the refrigerator but if your wedding is somewhere that might not have
tons of extra space ask your florist to kindly deliver the florals in wet foam. This will keep them fresh for hours out of the fridge
These are just a few little words I hope will help you along your wedding day planning!  Be sure to scroll down to see samples of my event design at a recent San Diego wedding!


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Posted January 7, 2017
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