Moe + Rachel – Wedding El Chorro

Being that this was our first time shooting at the El Chorro in Scottsdale we had tons of ideas of where we wanted to shoot these two love birds.  The light was gorgeous the decor was amazing and there was a fun, warm group of friends and family around celebrating their day!

Rachel and Moe are total babes as you can see, so getting great photos wasn’t tough at all!  As a matter of fact, stopping ourselves from pushing the button was the hard part.  I’d also like to go on record and state that in the history of wedding table details these two take the cake!  Oh my seriously don’t breeze past those gorgeous center peices, and the tables cloths are just amazing!  Rachel and you come over and help me redecorate my dinning room?

Ok without further a du please take a look at some of our favorites, and please feel free to comment, share and like!


Amazing Vendors:

Venue: El Chorro Video The Big Pictures FloristPetal Pusher LinensLa Tavola  Wedding CoordinatorImoni Events StationaryPage & Mason   CakeClassic Cakes and Confections  HairRuca Bowman MakeupLinda Wagner

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Posted November 18, 2013
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    Sam @ Imoni Events

    These images are wonderful! Thank you Jeff + Amber!

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