Mother Nature On Your Wedding Day

Weather on your wedding dayAs your wedding photographer we want you to feel at ease on your wedding day.  We don’t want you worrying about things such as the weather, however what bride wouldn’t worry?  All the hard work and thought that goes into “your perfect day” means a lot to us too, it helps us tell your story through Untitled_0965our photos.

At a recent spring wedding this year I watched as one of my brides stressed, worried, and finally gave in as she began to realize this little breeze we where hoping would go away turned into 45 mile an hour gusts on her long awaited perfect wedding day.  Obviously her bridesmaids, family and friends all encouraged her it would be ok, that it wouldn’t ruin a thing, however how can you not be down about something so uncontrollable?  Our team gets ultra creative in this type of situation, because WE HAVE TO!  We do not want our couples feeling like they are not going to get great photos because they will and they do!

Untitled_0967Nichole and Michael spent tons of time on their dream wedding site, which they literally carved out of a mountain and worked their buns off to get permitted just in time to christen it with their big day.  Mother Nature had her own plan for Nichole and Michael’s wedding day and it threw everyone into a little bit of a whirlwind. Knowing your photography teams ability to hustle in this situation is very important and it’s a topic you should cover with them before the big day arrives, especially if you foresee weather issues upon your day.Weather on your wedding day

“Our photo video team looked on the bright side, we see it as a challenge”


After the first look is when we realized that doing their photos out in the open wasn’t really working, so we got creative!  We grabbed a few where we could and then retreated to a space that was a bit protected.  This gave us a chance to not only get photos of the bridal party and bride and groom in an environment where we could see all their faces however it changed the stress levels or everyone because they where no longer getting tormented by the wind and messing up everyones hair they all work so hard on all morning.

Weather on your wedding day Weather on your wedding day Weather on your wedding day

Moving on to the Ceremony ripping winds past our mic’s for ceremony audio, challenge accepted!  We mic’d that sucker three different ways!  Yes, it’s true.  And while Nichole’s veil resembled a kite at moments, I have some killer shots that truly felt whimsical to me as a photographer.  The gusts whipped around and gave us all a little extra work, glide cam shots aren’t really possible when your striving for ultimate balance, however unlucky for the wind we had a kick ass group to work with, tons of patience on our side and a super in love couple that couldn’t wait to tie the knot and it shows in their photos.

Untitled_0973 Weather on your wedding day Untitled_0975



The ceremony was a success!  Their dream lakeside ceremony was complete, and it was time to take the celebration inside where is went off without the wind!  I just love these two and their positive outlook.  It’s so enjoyable to see a couple have so much fun on their day and not let the stress of the word and it’s wind get in the way of their celebration.  In the end it’s all that truly matters, the celebration, the memories and enjoying the time because it goes so fast. Untitled_0977


Early on in the day Jeff and I suggested maybe we hold off on portraits and set up for a post session.  What is a post session you ask?  Post Wedding Sessions are becoming a bigger and bigger trend.

Wedding Photographers located in lake havasu area in Arizona

Wedding Photographers located in lake havasu area in Arizona

Wedding Photographers located in lake havasu area in Arizona
The short and sweet of it is, if we can and every situation is different, we set aside a date in the near future get bride and groom back in their attire and go have some fun without anything getting in our way.  It also opens up some freedom of where your portraits are shot.  If you have a country club wedding we can do your post session at the beach or so on!Here is a few images from their post session that will take your breathe away much like the wind 🙂

Wedding Photographers located in lake havasu area in Arizona

Wedding Photographers located in lake havasu area in Arizona

Post Sessions are becoming more and more popular in the wedding industry

Wedding Photographers located in lake havasu area in Arizona

Wedding Photographers located in lake havasu area in Arizona

Message from the Bride:

There were so many emotions and thoughts running through my head that morning, the last thing I wanted to worry about was the wind!  I honestly didn’t even check the weather that week.  I knew I would stress myself out.  As the morning turned in to afternoon, it grew windier and windier and I worried our day wouldn’t be captured the way we had hoped.  Boy was I wrong!  Amber and Jeff first of all instantly calmed my nerves, made me laugh and never once said the work “wind” lol.  Not to mention they got some pretty epic shots utilizing the wind to their advantage.  We decided early on that day we would do a post session and I’m so glad we did, because I was able to relax a bit.  Now we have even more amazing photos that we would have never had the time to grab if we didn’t do the post session.

-Nichole Burnett



Posted July 29, 2016
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