Natural Light vs. Flash Photographers

Most bride and grooms to be are reading this and going huh? Natural light, what?  Well it occurred to us during a recent bride and groom portrait session that we should enlighten our readers a bit.  There’s so much information that goes into preparing for your wedding day way beyond choosing your venue, open bar, DJ style etc….

Natural-Light-Wedding-Photographers-Flash-Photographers02As photographers we see our style and the way we capture your day as BIG deal!  Maybe the biggest of all the details that a couple puts into planning their wedding.


Like they say, once the food has been eaten, the cake has been cut and the last dance and been danced all you have are the photos.


We get asked by our clients often, what our style is?  To which we reply, that question is completely unique to each couple and each situation.  Different weather the day of can completely change how we are going to approach the day.  Interior weddings with many light sources coming from windows or over head lighting will also make that variable completely different than say a garden wedding.


So during this outdoor session we decided, lets educate our bride and grooms a bit!  Show them what we can do to provide the ultimate variety of photos with their time with us.  Throughout the series of images I’ll explain a bit about our approach in each situation and hopefully shed some “light”  hee hee, sorry I couldn’t help myself.

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Ok without geeking out too much here’s my first look at why having two photographers on your wedding day, most likely working with a very full and very fast moving schedule is incredibly beneficial!  In this image we are both shooting simultaneously to capture two completely different shots.  Both great if I do say so myself and maybe not possible with one photographer as this happened in about 1.5 minutes and we had to move onto family portraits.



Ok ok, cool right.  Well what happens when you get to a setting as a photographer and you’re totally inspired by the light and surroundings, however knowing with your uber set of knowledge that there is two ways to approach this situation and get killer photos…..what do you do?!  You get both!!


Here’s a few examples of side by side comparisons, while one photographer is shooting Natural light (meaning no light sources besides what is available) and the other using flash or strobes (flashes and lights on or off camera firing as the photographer shoots).  See I told you, geeky stuff.

Natural-Light-Wedding-Photographers-Flash-Photographers05 Natural-Light-Wedding-Photographers-Flash-Photographers06 Natural-Light-Wedding-Photographers-Flash-Photographers08


Incase you can’t tell all the images on the left side are shot with off camera lighting, truly bringing in the sky, the surroundings and just providing a rich and deep look to the colors and scenery.  While the photos on the right, you see all their adorableness in natural light, which is also breath taking.  It truly softens the image, creates a dreamy feel.


In this example from the same set up we get real crazy!! Two different types of light sources, two completely different sets of composition.  While one of us is shooting with additional light source from one angle the other is covering the shot naturally and from a different perspective, thus giving these two love birds, two very unique takes on their special moments alone right after their ceremony.




Have I blown your mind yet?  Well I have a bit more technical stuff to show you.  At certain times during a portrait session whether it be the engagement session or your wedding day, we will always be straight forward and educate you on how to use your time wisely with us and to get the best possible portraits that you deserve!


Natural-Light-Wedding-Photographers-Flash-Photographers12 Natural-Light-Wedding-Photographers-Flash-Photographers13 Natural-Light-Wedding-Photographers-Flash-Photographers14


At the end of our EPIC time with Meghan and Ryan the sunset was pretty but didn’t produce much additional color in the sky.  So we put away the lights and chased them around the desert while one of us captured a tighter look with a zoom lense or followed from another direction.  Point in case, we are artists who understand how to get the best possible look in every situation and how to get it quickly.  It brings us much pride to educate our clients on what options are available to them.  And boy oh boy, do we love sending off the final images so they can see why they decided to trust us.


If you have any questions about our weddings packages and how we cover a wedding day or even an engagement session we’d love to chat!  You’re getting married and it’s a BIG deal.  Be comfortable, trust in your team and enjoy yourself.  That should be your mantra for your special day.



Jeff + Amber | Destination Wedding Photographers
and total geeks 😉




Posted February 23, 2016
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