The Photographer’s Diet

Being that summer is right around the corner we all could use a little push to get those goals set into motion.  Whether you're stuck in a rut or been caught up binge watching your favorite show on Netflix, We've found a light hearted video about inspiration and photography.  It's a new kind of diet for the soul!  Now put down that bear claw and listen up! It's time to switch gears and put some YOU back into your portraits.  The video below isn't a diet per se, however just a fun kick in the pants to get your creativity gears turning!  With any genre of photography or art for that matter it seems there is a challenge to keep growing, keep creating and to keep it all fresh.

Let's hit the weights

Now that I've got your attention, this is where I'm hoping to get the chit chat going.  All too often I see photographers copying a specific style, post editing or forgetting to give themselves a uniqueness in their work.  The photos we capture should express why we got into photography in the first place, and they shouldn't be duplicated, yes?  I make a living as a wedding photographer, and I fight the pattern at every single wedding that is all too easy to fall into.  I'm sure many of you wedding photographers like me can agree, same venues, same colors, same weather, it’s tough to fight the lack of creativity furthermore it can really become a challenge.  We are sent Pinterest boards, follow other photographers who inspire us and do our best to stay on top of trends to see what the latest bridal mags say brides are looking for.

Routine Repetition

This is the part of me that makes me no good at running a business. Or does it?  When I'm asked about copying a specific image I think it’s best to first evaluate what it is they love about the photo, then help educate my client why we most likely won't get an exact replica of the image they found based off of different variables, etc., and with any luck they’ll change their minds on wanting to recreate someone else moment anyway.  Then I do my darndest to help them see why they hired me and my vision in the first place.  Most always they are open and excited to get our own rendition together and end up thrilled with their unique image in the end. I do this over and over to fight the urge to ever get lazy and do the same routine with many clients.

Motivation and Results

In a repetitive niche it's a constant battle, and I can't honestly speak out for the other genres of photography, because all my fashion work is a passion side project I never get tired of, however do not get to indulge in enough.  However every time I fight for creativity and something fresh, I come out on top.  I think for all of us creatives, I’d imagine there are patterns easily accepted for each of us.  When I found this video I thought I needed to make sure I did my part to share it and get an opportunity to hear from other photographers how they stay inspired or growing at their craft.  I also invite you to comment and share your hacks on how to keep a focus on the emotion in the images you take.


I get so fired up working on a f'ing piece of art that I created with my camera and my vision.  Something that will truly make someone happy. That is why I'm a photographer.

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Posted March 3, 2017
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